DBlocker is an anti-cheat plugin for Day of Defeat Source, Counter-Strike: Source and TeamFortress 2
DBlocker doesn't requires any file on the client and can stop cheaters by using advanced techniques, for more informations on these techniques go on this page : Features

The lastest version of DBlocker is 1.8l


Update 1.8l Posted the Wednesday 03 April 2013 by Didrole

Removed the file checking system (incompatible with the new sv_pure).
Re-enabled threading optimisations for the anti-wallhack.
This update is for Day of Defeat: Source only, I've disabled the auto-updater so it must be applied manually
As the engine isn't shared between games anymore I need to work on a new build and update process
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Update 1.8k Posted the Sunday 27 January 2013 by Didrole

Fixed an exploit (in DBlocker) that allowed sourcetv spectators to block a random player.

Update 1.8j Posted the Monday 31 December 2012 by Didrole

Fixed invalid kicks for the cl_particles_show_bbox cvar.

Update 1.8i Posted the Wednesday 26 December 2012 by Didrole

Fixed plugin loading with the latest TF2 / DoDS update.
Temporarily disabled multi-threaded anti-wallhack.

Update 1.8h Posted the Tuesday 30 October 2012 by Didrole

Fixed an anti-wallhack crash on multicore Linux servers.
Fixed plugin loading on Linux and FreeBSD.
This update must be applied manually on Linux
Do not update your Linux CSS servers yet, the latest version won't be compatible with that game until Valve updates its engine.

Update 1.8g Posted the Sunday 23 September 2012 by Didrole

Added an invisible wall to fix a map exploit on cs_assault.
Fixed a rare case of false positive.
Updated windows signatures.

Update 1.8f Posted the Sunday 26 August 2012 by Didrole

Fixed plugin crashing with the latest CSS update on windows.
Fixed arrows not behaving correctly on TF2.
Added the cvar db_anti_aimbot.
Improved performances on linux.

Update 1.8e Posted the Sunday 29 July 2012 by Didrole

[TF2] Fixed pipe bombs bouncing when hitting enemies.

Update 1.8d Posted the Thursday 26 July 2012 by Didrole

Fixed visual bug regression from 1.8b.
Fixed not being able to upgrade buildings on TF2.

Why CS:GO won't be supported anytime soon Posted the Wednesday 25 July 2012 by Didrole

I've been asked a few times if I plan to add support for CS:GO into DBlocker,
and the answer is no, at least for now, let me explain you why.

The engine fork that CS:GO uses is a huge step backward from a security / cheat point of view,
all bug fixes that have been applied to the TF2 engine since something like 2008 haven't been applied to the CS:GO engine (and that's a ton of bugs)
Trying to fix all these myself in DBlocker would be a waste of time, because some of them require clientside modifications, the others would require plenty of hours of reverse-engineering and testing,
for something that Valve has already a fix for in the others games.
This version of the engine also bring its own new issues:
The sv_pure is even more broken than on the TF2 branch (and can't be fixed without a complete remake since there is no GCF nor FileSystem_Steam).
The VPK implementation allows easy material hacking that can be accomplished with a simple hexadecimal editor, while preventing true modding such as custom HUD, models, etc.
The Debugging of the client (which I often need to do) is harder because the CEG will try to prevent it.

This is far too much reasons for me to not support CS:GO and I had already not much interest in it.
Feel free to post you comments about this article in this topic.

Update 1.8c Posted the Tuesday 24 July 2012 by Didrole

Fixed compatibility with the latest engine update.
Fixed invisible players regression on the anti-wallhack feature.
Disabled the anti-aimbot protection on Day of Defeat: Source (There are too much unfixable side effects on this game)

Update 1.8b Posted the Monday 02 July 2012 by Didrole

Fixed late loading of the plugin crashing the server.
Fixed a ton of newly introduced issues on Day of Defeat: Source.

Update 1.8 Posted the Sunday 01 July 2012 by Didrole

Added a passive anti-aimbot / anti-triggerbot.
Changed the default value of sv_restrict_aspect_ratio_fov to 2.
Modified db_info to display the value of sv_restrict_aspect_ratio_fov.
Fixed compatibility with the pyromania update.

Please note that this update was supposed to have a public beta before its release, but the pyromania update changed my plans, therefore some bugs can remain, feel free to report them on the forum.

Update 1.7i Posted the Tuesday 12 June 2012 by Didrole

Fixed compatibility with latest DOD:S update (Windows build).
Modified the detection messages printed to the SourceTV to use the tick count of the demo file instead of the server's current tick.

Update 1.7h Posted the Wednesday 23 May 2012 by Didrole

Fixed compatibility with latest CSS update.
Fixed compatibility with PRec.
Fixed compatibility with some exotic installations of Metamod:Source.

Update 1.7g Posted the Sunday 22 April 2012 by Didrole

Removed the kick for the strafe-sprinting exploit since most people are doing it unintentionally, the exploit will be blocked silently instead.

Update 1.7f Posted the Thursday 19 April 2012 by Didrole

Added a detection and prevention mechanism for the strafe-sprinting exploit on DoD:S.
Added messages to the SourceTV when a player triggers a detection (even in silent mode).
Fixed compatibility with the latest engine update for the Windows build.
Fixed false positives for cl_mouselook / sv_turbophysics / steamworks_sessionid_server.
Improved overall performances.

Update 1.7e Posted the Monday 24 October 2011 by Didrole

Fixed a crash related to threading issues on linux in the anti wallhack component.
Fixed truncated commands output.

Update 1.7d Posted the Sunday 16 October 2011 by Didrole

Fixed compatibility with the latest engine update.
Fixed incorrect kicks on maps with a custom soundscape manifest embedded.
Updated the esl rules.

Update 1.7c Posted the Tuesday 20 September 2011 by Didrole

Fixed a case of "sv_pure bypass" false detection.
Fixed compatibility with the latest engine update on windows.
Fixed crash on late load.

Update 1.7b Posted the Wednesday 07 September 2011 by Didrole

Fixed a crash on the first changelevel caused by an incompatibility with other plugins (linux only).
Fixed plugin load failing on windows, due to an outdated signature.

About the "Installation" and "Features" pages Posted the Thursday 01 September 2011 by Didrole

These pages are outdated, I have to update them but that's not really my prefered part.
I apologize for the delay.

Update 1.7 Posted the Thursday 01 September 2011 by Didrole

Added the cvar db_anti_noflash to enable / disable the anti-noflash feature.
Added a way to discourage players from changing their network cvars while being connected.
Added the cvar db_enforce_esl_rules to enforce esl rules (dod only)
Added the command db_enforced_netinfo to display the enforced netinfo settings of players (db_netinfo displays the requested netinfo settings)
Added the command db_users_fps to display the players' fps
Fixed a case where the players could overflow if lagging.
Tweaked the viewangles checks on dods to prevent a case of false detection.
DBlocker's client commands are now also usable on the server.
Fixed the sv_pure bypass detection not working.
Optimised the anti-wallhack system a bit
Rewritten some messages, and many different parts of the code

Update 1.6c Posted the Saturday 25 June 2011 by Didrole

Added mod_textures.txt to the files whitelist.
Fixed packets being processed twice with db_anti_speedhack = 0
Fixed db_silent leaking the value of db_anti_purebypass and db_check_viewangles in A2S_Rules packets
Fixed a crash occuring when people were kicked for "Cvar request timeout."

Update 1.6b Posted the Thursday 28 April 2011 by Didrole

Fixed people getting kicked for invalid view angles if they were prone and faced a certain angle on dods.
Fixed several kicks related to client's files.

Update 1.6 Posted the Tuesday 26 April 2011 by Didrole

The changelog is the same than 1.6 beta.
Please notice that this version has been released earlier than planned because of the latest engine update, thus furthers bug fixes updates may be released soon.
This update must be applied manually on linux because of the engine changes.

Update 1.6 beta Posted the Monday 14 March 2011 by Didrole

Added :
Sv_pure bypass detection.
Chat-revealing hacks detection.
An anti-noflash feature.
Multithreading support for the anti-wallhack.
View angles checks (mainly used by anti-aim hacks).
Prevent players from faking their ping in the scoreboard.
Block hacks that allows players to move and fire while taunting in tf2.
Block another norecoil exploit on dods.
Block hacks that allows players to change cl_flipviewmodels while being connected.
More cvars checked.

Download link

This beta will not be pushed automatically by the autoupdater and thus must be installed manually
Comments, bug reports and ideas are welcome on the new forum.

Update 1.5i Posted the Sunday 19 December 2010 by Didrole

Compatibility update.

Update 1.5h Posted the Sunday 10 October 2010 by Didrole

Fixed the flying intelligence bug with db_anti_wallhack = 1 on tf2.
Fixed osx clients getting kicked for their value of mat_depthbias_shadowmap.

Update 1.5g Posted the Saturday 02 October 2010 by Didrole

Compatiblity fix for the lastest tf2 update.

Update 1.5f Posted the Sunday 19 September 2010 by Didrole

Fixed a crash caused by the anti wallhack on CSS Beta.
Added a privacy notice for the clients.
Removed some detections that have been broken by a previous engine update.

Update 1.5e Posted the Thursday 26 August 2010 by Didrole

Fixed a random crash that happened if the anti wallhack was activated.
Fixed plugin loading failure on CSS Beta.

Mise à jour 1.5d Posted the Saturday 31 July 2010 by Didrole

Fixed players not being able to execute their custom cfg files when sv_pure was set to 2.
Fixed an error concerning a whitelist that appened with certain server configurations.

Update 1.5c Posted the Thursday 22 July 2010 by Didrole

An update has been released
Fixed a footsteps problem with bots if db_anti_wallhack = 1.
Fixed a crash related to db_status.
Tweaked the file checking system a bit.
Fixed the autoupdate system that failed to unload the plugin.

Forgotten changelog of 1.5b
Removed m_yaw and r_drawdetailprops from checked cvars on CSS.
Fixed timestamps in DBlocker.log

Update 1.5 Posted the Thursday 15 July 2010 by Didrole

An update has been released
Re-introduced a fix for the norecoil exploit in dods since it has never been really fixed.
Added a new way to detect LSS 2.0
Fixed a bug in the cvar checking system that ignored some players.
Re-wrote the anti-wallhack to use the built-in lagcompensation.
Added support for Counter-Strike: Source.
Added the cvar db_show_steamid_on_connect to control if the steamid of players should be written in the chat on their connection.

Update 1.4i Posted the Saturday 08 May 2010 by Didrole

An update has been released
Fixed a false detection on the cvar mp_bonusroundtime if sourcemod was present on the server.
Fixed an engine bug that causes SourceTV spectators to take the server slots.

Update 1.4h Posted the Friday 30 April 2010 by Didrole

An update has been released
The plugin is now compatible with the lastest version of dods and tf2
This update must be applied manually !.

Update 1.4f Posted the Thursday 04 March 2010 by Didrole

An update has been released
It fixes the cvarchecking process being stuck .

Update 1.4e Posted the Thursday 10 December 2009 by Didrole

An update has been released
Fixed a problem with the validation of the file scripts/gamehaptics.txt .

Update 1.4d Posted the Tuesday 27 October 2009 by Didrole

An update has been released
Fixed a case where players showed by the freezecam were invisible with the anti-wallhack.

Update 1.4c Posted the Monday 26 October 2009 by Didrole

An update has been released
This minor update fix some problems :
- Fixed a problem with the anti-speedhack system.
- Improved the cpu usage of the anti-wallhack system.
- Fixed a problem with custom hud on TF2 (related to HudAnimations_tf.txt).

New official website launched ! Posted the Monday 12 October 2009 by Didrole

The new official website is online.
It is much more complete and detailled than the old and will be maintained up to date.
I hope you will find all the answers you seek.