The current features of DBlocker are :


Block speedhacks

The speedhack operate by sending data to the server faster than normal, this results in an acceleration of the speed of the player.
DBlocker blocks this technique easily by counting the number of data that send players, if that number becomes too large for a player then his future data is blocked, it has the effect of stopping the player.

Block wallhacks

The wallhacks consist generally to see players through walls.
There are many types of wallhack and all do not work the same way.
But for they work, they do require at least one thing: the coordinates of the players to show.
DBlocker calculates for each player which other players it can see or not, the positions of players that are not visible are not sent, this has the effect of blocking wallhack, esp and other cheating tools based on these coordinates passively.

Block Teleportation exploit

It exists in the source engine a bug that can allow a player to teleport itself to a specific point of a map (which is always the point at coordinates 0,0).
This bug is caused by a miscalculation of players' position .
DBlocker knows how this bug is produced, and when a player tries to exploit it, he is immediately kicked.

Block Nosounds scripts

By customizing some internal scripts of the game it's possible to reduce the volume of some sounds and increase others
This can provide significant advantage to some players, for example by leaving only the sounds of footsteps (to detect the approach of the players).
DBlocker blocks any customization of these files and thus corrects the problem.

Block exploitable convars

Some convars (variables of the game console) can be changed to provide a significant gain.
For example, to remove the grass to see players better, customize the vertical sensitivity of the mouse to better compensate the recoil of weapons, and many other things.
DBlocker scans at regular intervals all the players and detect their use, in case of detection the concerned player is kicked.

Fix some maps bugs

Some official maps of Day of Defeat Source contains bugs.
DBlocker automatically corrects some of them.

Auto Updates

DBlocker has the ability to update itself.
At regular intervals and when there is nobody on the server, DBlocker checks if an update is available and if so it downloads and applies it without any interaction from you.

Privacy warning : Some personal informations about your players that have triggered a detection may be sent to the DBlocker's server for debuging purposes ( ie : fix incorrect detections / kicks )